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All About Anaesthesia

The 'All About Anaesthesia' website provides helpful and thorough information on all aspects of anaesthesia including: what anaesthesia is, how anaesthetics are given, the role of the anaesthetist and how they care for you, how anaesthetics affect you and how you can affect your anaesthetic. 
Read case stories from typical patients and find information about any reservations that you may have under the ‘common fears’ section. 

For further information for patients about anaesthesia and Anaesthetists please visit:

Info sheets on common procedures

The ASA, in conjunction with Mitec Medical Publishing, has produced a number of documents which deal with operations and procedures which we know patients often wish to know about in greater detail. Abbreviated versions of these documents can be found in the following links. If you need further information, please contact your anaesthetist.
For further information on purchasing these documents please visit www.mitec.com.au.