Professional Issues Advisory Committee

The Professional Issues Advisory Committee (PIAC) was formed in 2004 at a time when it became apparent that ASA would not be able to address certain significant emerging and ongoing issues without committee level support. 

The ASA by-laws charge the Professional Issues Advisory Committee (PIAC) to provide advice to the ASA Council and ASA members on professional issues which include but are not limited to: 

  • Clinical practice and standards  
  • Credentialing and privileging 
  • Professional indemnity insurance  
  • Continuing Professional Development 
  • “Professionalism” 
  • Personal health and welfare 
  • Workforce.

Workforce issues include but are not limited to: 
  • addressing the distribution of anaesthetists (specialist and non-specialist) necessary to satisfy national and regional demand  
  • determining the reasons for any maldistribution  
  • suggesting strategies to address any maldistribution 
  • conducting member surveys. 

 PIAC also prepares submissions and responses to governmental and non-governmental agencies on behalf of ASA Council.
For further information please contact the Policy team.