ASA Trainee Members Group (ASA TMG) formerly known as GASACT. Group of ASA Clinical Trainees Committee was formed by a resolution of the Board at its meeting on 29 September 2000.

The objectives of the ASA TMG are to:

•    Give trainees an official independent voice
•    Provide a forum for discussion on matters of concern to trainees.
•    Seek opinion and advice from trainees
•    Determine and attempt to satisfy the needs of trainees.
•    Inform trainees of developments in anaesthesia and medicine in general
•    Develop a representative network for trainees
•    Provide a forum where trainees with future leadership potential can be encouraged to develop their skills
•    Assist trainees in determining future career options and advice on entering practice
•    Assist trainees industrially, socially, educationally, scientifically and with health and lifestyle issues, with practice matters and politically
•    Establish a communication network, including similar organisations overseas
•    Develop a large membership base of trainees within the ASA

Accordingly, the roles and responsibilities of the TMG are:
•    Prepare annual business plans of proposed activities
•    Identify issues, review developments, advise the Board and initiate and support strategies to address in order to achieve the aims of the TMG
•    Develop and maintain working relationships with other organisations
•    Review the aims of the TMG periodically


All trainees in anaesthesia, intensive care or pain management registered with the ANZCA who are Trainee members can become members of the Committee. 
The Committee membership ceases when the Trainee member becomes eligible for ordinary membership of the ASA.

The Group includes a Chair who is appointed by the members of the TMG and endorsed by the Board and a representative from each State or Territory. All members must be Trainee members. Where it is considered that the State Committee section would benefit from having both a senior and junior representative for that state, it will be considered by the Board.

Current Members

ASA TMG Committee members listing can be found here

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