ASA Board of Directors

The ASA Board of Directors comprises of the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Federal Treasurer, Executive Councillor, two ASA Council elected members and one Independent Director. The Board meets seven times a year.

Board Responsibilities

The ASA Board has the full legal responsibilities of a Board of Directors, as defined under the Corporations Act, other legislation, common law and the laws of equity: 

  • 1) Is responsible for the business and financial affairs of the Society
  • 2) Comprises up to 8 directors
  • 3) Is Chaired by the President
  • 4) Appoints the CEO
  • 5) Develops ASA Strategy
  • 6) Reports to Council at each of its meetings through the President
  • 7) Approves membership of ASA
  • 8) Receives and responds to Management reports (all business areas)


Board Members

For a full list of ASA Board members please click here.  

For further information please contact the Executive Assistant.