ASA Council

The Council comprises of the President, Vice President, Immediate Past President, Honorary Federal Treasurer, Executive Councillor, State and Territory Representatives and senior ASA Committee Chairs.  The Council meet four times a year.  

Powers and Duties of ASA Federal Council

 The Powers and Duties of Federal Council are to:

a) Determine policy for the Company concerning the profession of anaesthesia and relevant health policy; 

b) Provide a forum to identify, discuss and debate emerging issues of relevance to the members and the profession more generally; 

c) Make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning policy and issues of relevance to the members and the profession; 

d) Establish Committees, and receive reports and consider policies and recommendations from those Committees; 

e) Provide an annual report to the Board of Directors concerning its activities during the reporting period; 

f) Elect the two directors of the Company from amongst its number (‘the Ordinary Directors’); 

g) Upon recommendation of the Board of Directors the Council may decide to remunerate Directors.


Current Council List are below:


AMA Representative

Dr Andrew Mulcahy

Chair - Economics Advisory Committee

Dr Mark Sinclair

Chair - Professional Issues Advisory Committee

Dr Antonio Grossi

Chair - Public Practice Advisory Committee              
Assoc/Prof Alicia Dennis 

State Chair - ACT

Dr Mark Skacel

State Chair - NSW

Dr Ammar Ali Beck

State Chair - QLD

Dr James Troup

State Chair - SA/NT

Dr Joshua Hayes

State Chair - TAS

Dr Michael Challis

State Chair - VIC

Dr Jenny King

State Chair - WA

Dr Philip Soet


 For further information please contact the Executive Assistant.