Richard Bailey Library

Perusing a volume from within the Richard Bailey Library one sometimes discovers more than the published text. Many of the volumes contain inscriptions or autographs and some have inserted associated letters, reviews or articles. Our library is a specialty collection of over 2000 publications covering the history of anaesthesia providing a unique opportunity in Australia for research specifically into our profession. Our collection has a variety of books, from early textbooks to rare volumes such as an original copy of John Snow’s monograph On the Inhalation of Ether, to more recent international journals. It also holds instructional manuals and manufacturer’s brochures. To search our collection visit our eHive account.

A highlight of the library is a rare collection of 300 books on Mesmerism (hypnotism), inclu
ding the first translation of Anton Mesmer’s Memoire sur la decouverte du Magnetisme Animal, 1779.

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