Anaesthesia Continuing Education Coordinating Committee

ACECC was established to promote and coordinate joint continuing medical education (CME) activities in anaesthesia and related disciplines in Australia and New Zealand. ACECC is a tripartite body governed by the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists, the Australian Society of Anaesthetists and the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists. ACECC provides a central register of all continuing education meetings relevant to anaesthetists around the world. In addition, links are provided to sites that list meetings in other parts of the world.
ACECC provides support for meeting organisers by enabling you to submit details of prospective meetings and providing advice on how to stage continuing education meetings. You will be able to search for upcoming meetings to avoid clashes of dates and/or speakers.
ACECC provides a speakers database where you can add new speakers and assign speakers to an event. You can also search for speakers and their topics of expertise and interest.
ACECC provides website facilities for Special Interest Groups, where information for members may be displayed.
Visit to view anaesthesia events from around the globe.