Group of ASA Clinical Trainees

The Group of ASA Clinical Trainees (GASACT) are those registered with the ASA currently training to become anaesthetists. All trainees in anaesthesia, intensive care or pain management registered with the ANZCA who are Trainee members can become members of GASACT.  

The GASACT group:
  • provides exam and education support
  • hosts events specifically aimed at meeting the needs of trainees
  • gives trainees an official independent voice
  • assists in determining future career options and advice on entering practice
  • determines and attempts to satisfy any needs you may have
  • informs you of developments in anaesthesia and medicine in general
  • develops a representative network for you with both established Anaesthetists and trainees
  • encourages future leadership potential
  • seeks opinions and advice
  • establishes a communication network, including similar organisations overseas.   

To apply for GASACT membership please click here, or for further information please contact the GASACT secretary

NSC 17 - 20 September 2016, Melbourne, Vic

GASACT Trainee Session  Sunday 18 September 2016  1430-1630
Chairs: Dr Debra Leung and Greg Bulman

  • Under the Sea - lessons from the deep - Commadore Christopher Scarf 
  • Is there a lawyer in the house ? Navigating the medico-legal minefield - Dr David Daly & Mr Ross Gillies 
  • Key papers I learnt for the exam and which changed my practice - Dr Arvinder Grover