Prizes and Research Grants

The Society awards a number of Prizes and Research Grants each year.  In 2014 the following prizes are available:

Pre-NSC adjucated

ASA PhD Support Grant

The Council approved the ASA PhD Support Grant Bylaw in 2005 in order to assist members of the Society to complete PhDs. Application is open to ASA members only.  Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that their research will advance the safety, delivery, or efficacy of anaesthesia whilst having a favourable impact on society as a whole. The grant may be used to purchase or lease equipment, facilities or material; fund administrative or scientific support; offset research and other expenses or fund travel and accommodation. The recipient must provide a written report to the Council within six months of completion of the funded activity. Successful applicants will receive a cash grant of up to $10,000 each. Up to two Grants may be awarded annually. 

The application form can be found here.  
For further information please contact Sue Donovan  

Kevin McCaul Prize

This prize commemorates the late Dr Kevin McCaul who was, for many years, the Director of Obstetric Anaesthesia at the Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. He had a major and lasting influence on obstetric anaesthesia throughout Australia. The prize was instituted in 1978 on the  occasion of his retirement as Director. The prize is administered by the ASA and is offered to ASA members who are registrars in training or junior specialists within two years of obtaining a higher qualification in anaesthesia. The prize is awarded for a written paper, critical review or essay on any aspect of anaesthesia, pain relief, physiology or pharmacology, with particular reference to the female reproductive system. The prize comprises a certificate and monies of $10,000. 

The application form can be found here.  
For further information please contact Sue Donovan  

NSC Presentation Awards

  • Smiths Medical ASA Poster Prize
  • Smiths Medical GASACT Poster Prize
  • Gilbert Troup Prize
For further information on these please visit

The following are not being awarded in 2014:
  • Jackson Rees Research Grant
  • Jeanne Collison Prize
For further information on these Awards please visit the NSC website
For further information on these Awards please visit the NSC website