Overseas Development and Education Committee

The Overseas Development and Education Committee (ODEC) oversees all aid, including educational, financial, material or skill based, outside Australia and New Zealand which involves ASA members or resources. It acts jointly and cooperatively with ANZCA, the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists, the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists and other aid organisations.

The main focus of ODEC is to support and promote anaesthesia training in the Pacific. Over 75% of the substantial ODEC budget goes towards Pacific anaesthesia and this support has seen significant achievements.

Applications for funding

ODEC welcomes applications for support and gives preference to projects that:  
  1. Support the development of anaesthesia and resuscitation in the Asia Pacific Region  
  2. Have limited alternative funding possibilities  
  3. Are sustainable over the long term with good prospects of self-sufficiency  
  4. Have a strong teaching/education component 
  5. Involve members of the ASA or members of anaesthesia societies of the host country.

Essential Pain Management program

The Essential Pain Management (EPM) program is a multidisciplinary educational program initially designed for health workers in low and middle income countries. It has been developed to improve pain management worldwide by working with health workers at a local level to:
• Improve pain knowledge
• Provide a simple framework for managing pain
• Address pain management barriers

EPM has recently been modified for use in Australian and New Zealand Medical Schools, and Australia's Indigenous health workers. The first program was in Lae, Papua New Guinea, in 2010, and since then 19 countries have hosted EPM programs, training more than 1433 participants and 292 local instructors. Thirty-two external instructors have been trained to deliver the program and a further 32 have expressed interest. EPM is funded by a number of organisations including the ASA, ANZCA, IASP, WFSA, RACS, AusAid and the Arnott Foundation.


Lifebox is a not-for-profit organisation saving lives by improving the safety and quality of surgical care in low-resource countries. The introduction of Lifebox pulse oximeters to hospitals in low-income and middle-income countries will make a major contribution to the quality and safety of anaesthesia and surgical care. You can help by donating through the ASA.
For further information on Lifebox please visit the Lifebox page.  

ODEC database

For information on the joining the Volunteering database please visit the volunteering page.  

For further information on any of the above please contact the ODEC Secretary.  

NSC 17 - 20 September 2016

ODEC Session Saturday 17 September 2016 1100-1300
Chair Dr Chris Bowden

Access to safe anaesthesia and surgery in our region  - Dr Michael Cooper 
Planning for Pacific anaesthesia - Dr Luke Nasedra (Fiji) 
ASA Timor Leste Fellow - Are you up for the challenge? - Dr Sam Rigg 
Solomon Islands surgery and anaesthesia  - Dr Bata Anigafutu (Solomon Islands)